Crikvenica is a seaside town in the Northern part of the Adriatic, also known as Kvarner. It has been a popular resort since the end of the 19th century, when first grand hotels and spa therapy centres opened for the discerning traveller, and they came from all over Europe. Grand villas were built, fashionable shops and restaurants opened, and beautiful people took their walks along the coastal paths. You could say that this was the 19th century wellness centre of Croatia! Just as then, people flock there now for the region’s gorgeous sandy beaches, warm sea, modern wellness hotels and delicious, healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Families will be very happy choosing Crikvenica for their holidays, and night revellers will find something for themselves too.

Hinterland villages on the slopes of the mountain have been restored and rejuvenated, and their carefully restored stone cottages and villas with shimmering pools are now very desirable, offering tranquillity and stunning sea views. There is plenty to do, day visits to the islands of Cres, Rab, Krk and Pag will enchant you with the beauty of these old renaissance places. Visit ancient castles in the hills, sample the crisp local white wines Zlahtina and Chardonnay and feast on the fresh fish and prawns. The national park Plitvice with 16 stunning cascading lakes is a wonder of nature, and within two hours drive (a coach goes several times a day).

In summer months Crikvenica is a lively place with busy outdoor markets, concerts, fashion shows, art exhibitions, Roman re-enactment shows and disco nights. For healthy living, there are many walking and cycling paths, extreme sports, and all sorts of water sports.

The nearest airport is Rijeka, but also Pula, Zagreb or Trieste in Italy.


Opatija is an elegant seaside resort since first popularised by the Austro-Hungarians in the 19th Century. This was the era of fabulous grand hotels and exclusive villas and the sumptuous architecture of this period still sets the tone today. Opatija has many fine restaurants, night life, quaint shops and beautiful parks. It is renowned for wellness centres and health spas. Volosko, just north of Opatija centre is quaint fishing village around a small harbour and a perfect spot for bars and restaurants. Some of Opatija's finest restaurants are to be found here on the harbour front.

Volosko harbour
Volosko harbour

The famed lungomare is a 12km long pathway which runs along the shoreline linking Opatija with the neighbouring villages and towns. It a completely pedestrian route and a delightful way to move from one part of town to another away from the cars and on the water's edge. At many spots there are small beaches or steps down into the water so the lungomare is a place for swimming and sunbathing as well as a relaxing evening walk as the day cools.

Opatija is a resort which, due to its mild and protected climate, operates the whole year round with many festivals and cultural activities throughout the seasons. In January and February there is a series of masked carnivals. April is well known for the Asparagus festival, when wild asparagus is harvested and you can enjoy wild asparagus omelette. The programme for May includes cookery classes for fish dishes and a series of concerts. June is the month of cherries, and local cherries are the best in the region. A lovely old boat regatta takes place in June as well as many concerts in the town square. July and August are devoted to swimming and sea sports and all other fun activities available in the peak of the summer holidays. September is for grape picking and wine making. October is when the neighbouring town of Lovran is famous for its sweet chestnuts.

Ucka national park in the mountains above Opatija offers opportunity for walking and trekking, mountain biking fishing, kayaking, diving, mini-rafting, caving and free climbing.

There are numerous sheltered pebbly and sandy beaches along the coastal road, the most beautiful ones being in Moscenicka Draga and Medveja to the south of Opatija.

Medveja beach
Medveja beach
Moscenicka Draga
Moscenicka Draga

While staying in Opatija visit the lovely village of Brsec on a cliff above the sea, just 30min drive from Opatija. You can enjoy the views of the long stretch of the Adriatic coastline from there. Equally fascinating is the old village of Kastav on the hillside above Opatija.


Lovran is just 5km down the coast from the sumptuous resort of Opatija and is smaller and, as a result, quieter and more peaceful. Like Opatija it has many grand villas built for the Austrian aristocracy in the 19th century and these define the character of the town. Lovran is centred around a pretty harbour, with a small beach, cafes and restaurants as well as a wellness centre in the local hotel. It marks the end point of the lungomare, the 12 kilometre long coast path which runs from Opatija. The lungomare is a place for swimming and sunbathing as well as a relaxing walk by the sea.

On the hillside above Lovran there is entry point to the Ucka national park.

Mount Ucka, provides an opportunity for some serious walking and trekking. The Ucka mountain walking route links several mountain tops, has magnificent sea views and takes seven days to walk the whole route. Other activities in the national park include fishing, kayaking, diving, mini-rafting, caving, free climbing and mountain biking ion marked routes.

Lovran is famous for its sweet chestnuts which are used in a range of dishes, and most if all in delicious desserts.

A short distance down the coast from Lovran are the beautiful and much visited beaches of Moscenicka Draga and Medveja. But there are opportunities for swimming all along the coast.

Our Villas in Crikvenica

Villa Livia
Villa Livia A six bedroom, seven bathroom air-conditioned villa with a garden, pool, sauna, BBQ, WiFi, pet friendly.
Mollys Townhouse
Mollys Townhouse Convenience, comfort, sea view, air-conditioning, three bedrooms, a bathroom, balcony, terraces, car free zone, courtyard, BBQ, WiFi, pet friendly, parking nearby, tennis 500 metres, taxi boat to islands. Beach 100 metres.
Villa Donna
Villa Donna A recently restored, air-conditioned, charming old stone villa, two bedrooms, sauna, pool, garden, BBQ, WiFi, gazebo with outside dining.
Villa Boyana
Villa Boyana An old authentic luxury stone villa, air-conditioned, beautifully restored, 3 bedrooms sleeping four persons each, 3 bathrooms, Jacuzzi, fitness and snooker room, badminton court, walled garden, pool, BBQ, WiFi, garden, children's playground, privacy, parking for several cars, sea view.
Old World Cottage
Old World Cottage A two bedroom, two bathroom cottage, with pool, between the sea and the mountains, BBQ, WIFI.
Villa Honeystone
Villa Honeystone A five bedroom, five bathroom 100 year old stone villa, pool, BBQ, WiFi, 4 parking places, cool terraces, pet friendly.

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