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Little Lake Boutique Hotel

Little Lake Boutique Hotel

18 bedrooms

 18 bathrooms

Sleeps : 2-36

Prices from €511

Villa Lakeland Rest

Villa Lakeland Rest

1-5 bedroom

 5 bathrooms

Sleeps : 2-20

Prices from €113

Villa Lakeland Orchard

Villa Lakeland Orchard

4 bedrooms

 2 bathrooms

Sleeps : 5-10

Prices from €875

Villa Lakeland Belle

Villa Lakeland Belle

2 bedrooms

 2 bathrooms

Sleeps : 5-7

Prices from €896

Inland Croatia

Inland Croatia covers Croatia's capital city Zagreb, smaller cities such as Varazdin and many areas of great and varied natural beauty.

Notable places of interest are:

Rural Areas :

  • Plitvice Lakes National Park

    A UNESCO world heritage site with 16 stunning lakes linked by powerful cascading waterfalls and impressive caves.

    View of Plitvice Lakes
  • The Gacka valley

    Peaceful and scenic fertile valley offering excellent fishing.

    Gacka Valley
  • Slavonia

    Fertile and largely rural area to the north east of Croatia. The principal town of the region is Osijek.

Cities :

  • Zagreb

    The capital of the Republic of Croatia,. The largest city and the cultural, economic, centre of the country. It is located on the slopes of Medvednica Mountain on the banks of the Sava River. Zagreb is well worth visiting, with its numerous historical monuments and medieval architecture.

    Zagreb - capital of Croatia
  • Varazdin

    A sophisticated but relaxing city very much in the Austrian style. It is the tourist, cultural, and economic centre of North-western Croatia. Famous for its Baroque festival every year in late September to early October the city holds the internationally acclaimed Varazdin Baroque Evenings, during which soloists, orchestras and opera singers from around the world gather to fete Baroque music.



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