About Lovran

Elegant resort with many grand Belle Époque villas nestling between the coastline and the Ucka mountain national park.

Lovran is just 5km down the coast from the sumptuous resort of Opatija and is smaller and, as a result, quieter and more peaceful. Like Opatija it has many grand villas built for the Austrian aristocracy in the 19th century and these define the character of the town. Lovran is centred around a pretty harbour, with a small beach, cafes and restaurants as well as a wellness centre in the local hotel. It marks the end point of the lungomare, the 12 kilometre long coast path which runs from Opatija. The lungomare is a place for swimming and sunbathing as well as a relaxing walk by the sea. On the hillside above Lovran there is entry point to the Ucka national park. Mount Ucka, provides an opportunity for some serious walking and trekking.