About Sveta Nedelja

Small community on the quiet southern coast of Hvar island. Villas here have wonderful views and great swimming

Sveta Nedjelja (local name for Santa Domenica) is the village nestling on the slopes below the highest peak on the island of Hvar, about 12 km east from the town of Hvar, officially the sunniest spot on the Adriatic. The coast on this side of the island is separated from the main towns by mountains and is therefore relatively isolated. The main road access to the village is through a tunnel from Jelsa on the other side of the island. The sun-drenched slopes above the village produce the famous grape "Plavac Mali" from which they make the delicious red wine Zlatni Plavac. The village is very tranquil, with red roofed residential homes scattered on the hillside, around the village church. There is a small market in the village and several restaurants that serve local dishes and excellent vines.