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I have never been to Croatia, Can you tell me which are the best places to go?
All places along Croatia's 4000 mile long coastline and over 1000 islands are very beautiful indeed. There is just a perfect mixture of leisure and activity, natural beauty, good food, history, sailing…. 

Do you offer yachting holidays?
Yes we offer yachting holidays and recommend 2 weeks, first in a yacht the second in a villa. Or the other way around if you prefer. Or spend all the time on a yacht. 

Is it difficult to get to the islands?
Croatian islands are among the most beautiful in the world and definitely worth getting to. Some islands are so close to the mainland that they are connected with a bridge to the mainland - the islands of Krk, Pag, Murter and Ciovo near Trogir. One of the largest islands is Brac, and a short, scenic ferry ride of 50 minutes takes you there from Split. Brac has wonderful villas and you should go there! Slightly more difficult to access, but completely divine, is Vis, so unspoilt and stuffed with brilliant restaurants, you feel you are in heaven!

What is there for children to do?
Many of our villas have a children's playroom and a children's corner in the garden with slides, trampolines, swings etc. If that is the case, it is mentioned on our website. In many areas there will be a range of activities available. These might include adrenaline parks, aqua parks, horse riding, summer fairs, canoeing, banana boats, water sports and scuba diving, submarines, zip lines. These will be described in the section "About the Area" on each villa page. For teenagers, small towns are perfect to explore on their own and visit local cafes and shops. Everyone is friendly.

Is Croatia good for small children and families?
Croatia is perfect for babies and toddlers. We can advise you which villas or locations will be ideal for small children. In some cases a particular destination is not suitable for small children and we offer advice about that. Usually this is in urbanised, albeit interesting, areas from which babies and toddlers would not benefit and it might detract from their comfort.

Do you have child friendly villas?
We have a special section of the website listing child friendly villas and majority of our villas are child friendly. These are villas that provide facilities for children and will often have children's play area and provide indoor games.They all have a baby cot and a high chair.

Would my teenage children have enough to do in this location?
We are very aware that teenagers need to be kept happy when on a family holiday. Our experts will be able to recommend best villas and locations for teenagers, places where they can go shopping and visit cafes or where there are clubs and bars nearby and sporting activities available.  

When is the best time to go to Croatia?
The hottest months are June, July, August and September, but even then daily temperatures are not overwhelmingly high, 28 - 35o C. The sea temperature is between 23 and 28o C. Families with children will have a great time and loads of sunshine. More temperate and very beautiful months are May and October. In May the whole country is in bloom, and in October mellow autumn colours are magical, whilst grape and olive picking and many food festivals are the main activity. Generally you can swim in the sea from mid May to mid October with sea temperatures the warmest in July, August and September. July and August will be the busiest months. Cities  such as Rovinj, Split, Trogir, Sibenik and Dubrovnik are fascinating all year round.

Is English/German widely spoken in Croatia?
Yes. You will be understood in shops and restaurants and everywhere if you speak English, and many people also speak good German. Italian is widely spoken in Istria.

How far is Croatia from where we live?
Croatia is a 2 - 3 hour flight from the UK, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, 3.5 hours from Scandinavia, 2 hours from Switzerland, 1.5 hours from Austria, 2.5 hours from Turkey and Greece, 3 hours from Moscow. From USA and Canada it takes 8 - 10 hours to get to Zagreb and then take a 1 hour flight to Dubrovnik, Split, Pula or Zadar. Or pick up your car at Zagreb airport, and drive through some glorious countryside to see more of beautiful Croatia.

Local currency
The local currency is the kuna. In every kuna there are 100 lipa. Cash in kuna can be readily drawn on a debit or credit card at ATM machines throughout Croatia. There will be ATM machines at all airports and outside most banks and large supermarkets. Foreign currency can be exchanged for kunas over the counter at any bank and in many tourist information offices. Some services, such as car hire or yacht charter, may be priced in euros. If you pay by cash they will accept euros or kunas. If you pay by card you will normally be billed in kuna at the prevailing exchange rate with the euro. You will find the current exchange rates on the website of the Croatian National Bank.
Are credit cards accepted in Croatia? 
Master card and Visa are widely accepted in shops and restaurants and frequenlly Amex and Diners are also accepted. A few restaurants will only take cash.

Is there anything essential that I need to bring with me?
Do bring all your medication and sun protection for you and your children. Bring your favourite ant-mosquito treatment, as the mosquitos can be a nuisance. Also bring your own plasters and anti-allergic treatment. All these items can be bought in Croatian chemists, but we still advise that you bring your own. It is a law in Croatia for villas to provide a First Aid Box with bandages, plasters and antiseptic creams or sprays.

Tea lovers should definitely bring their own tea, and if you are particular about your brand of coffee, please bring that along too. Croatia has excellent herbal teas so no need to bring those.


How do I find the villa when I arrive and how do I get access?
Once you have paid for your villa in full we will provide you with the villa address and detailed directions for arrival at the villa. In some cases the owner or his agent will meet you at the villa and in other cases the key will be left for you.

Do you provide a welcome pack?
Quite a few villas provide a basic welcome pack, but some do not. We mention on our website if a welcome pack is provided. It typically consists of milk, coffee, some beers or a bottle of wine, fruit juice, bread, butter, cheese and ham.

Can we order a food shop before we arrive to the villa?
Many villas will do a food shop for you if you give us the list of items you would like. There will be a charge for this service, usually about 50 euro, in some cases more. Plus of course the cost of the food.

What is included in the price?
All utility bills, pool and garden maintenance, bed linen and bath towels are always included. Beach towels are provided by some villas but unless specified in the villa description you should bring your own beach towels. Kitchen equipment, china, glass and cutlery are provided. End of stay cleaning is also included in about 90% of our villas. If you are staying for two or more weeks, once weekly additional clean is also included. 

Are the towels and bed linen included?
Yes in every one of our villas the bathroom towels and bed linen are included.

Are pool towels included?
In many of our villas pool towels are included, but not in all villas. The villa description on our website will indicate if the pool towels are included.

Does the villa provide a baby cot and high chair?
All our villas can provide a baby cot and most have a high chair. Some villas have two baby cots. Sometimes there is an extra charge, but usually there is not. 

Do you have villas with a table tennis table?
Yes, we have an increasing number of villas with a table tennis table. Please check our website for this information. 

Are the electricity and other utility bills included?
Yes, in all our villas electricity and all utility bills are included. However there may be an extra charge for the use of pool heating where that is available. The villa description will indicate if this is the case.

Is there a WiFi in the villa?
Yes, in most of our villas WiFi is provided and it is free of charge. However, the WiFi reception is not very strong in some more isolated areas. Please NOTE that after a storm, or for some special raesons, WiFi facility is often disabled. It takes a while to get it back, sometime several days in the worst case scenario. We ask for your understanding in this case, as this is one thing that we cannot influence.   

What is the size of the pool?
Most villas have pools 6 by 4 metres or 8 by 4 metres. Some have larger pools, 10 by 5 metres, and very, very few have a pool larger than that. 

Is the pool fenced?
In Croatia most pools are not fenced. Some can be "blocked off" by a temporary barrier.  If the pool is fenced it will say so in the villa description.

Is the pool heated?
More and more pools in our villas are heated, but in June, July, August and most of September they do not need heating. There may be an additional charge for the use of pool heating and a limit on the maximum temperature it will heat to.

Do you have a stair gate to prevent the children climbing upstairs?
Most villas in Croatia do not have a stair gate. It is not customary there.  

Is it possible to have a daily maid some days or every day?
Not in all villas. Some villas can provide a daily maid at extra cost and this can be specially arranged in advance. Daily maid usually costs 10 to 20 euro per hour.

Is it possible to have a chef for the whole or a part of our stay?
Chefs are very much in demand in the summer months in Croatia and their fee can be over 300 euro per day plus food costs. For large groups, the fee is proportionally higher. To be sure of the service, you must request a chef as soon as you book your villa. It is very difficult to find a home cook who would cook for you on a daily basis and charge a modest amount, but you can always ask us and we will investigate. Always call us to discuss chef and meals if you are interested.

Is the villa suitable for people with serious allergies?
All our villas are thoroughly cleaned, but we cannot promise that there would be no small traces of chemicals which normally appear in every household. Therefore our villas are not suitable for people with the most severe allergies. 

Does the villa accept dogs?
Many of our villas accept dogs and those that do will be classified on our website as "pet friendly".
In most cases you will be asked that the dog does not go upstairs or sit on the sofa, and that it does not go in the pool. There is usually an extra charge for the dog but not always. 

The villa will be clean on arrival and will be cleaned following your departure. However, guests are expected to leave the villa in good state of cleanliness. If you have a booking of two weeks or more, the bed linen will usually be changed, and the villa usually cleaned midway through the period, unless specified otherwise on the individual villa page. Additional cleaning or daily maid service can be provided for some villas at extra cost. Please enquire.

Will the property owner be living on site?
Only rarely. But sometimes the owner has a separate self- contained apartment in the building or discretely occupies a separate building in the grounds. If this is the case we will explain it on our website

Do your villas and apartments have air conditioning?
Most do but check the summary table for the villa. It will state if air con is provided. We specify aircon as either full or partial. Full means that there is an air con unit in the main living spaces and every bedroom. Partial means that not every room has its own aircon unit . There might for example be single aircon unit on a landing serving the three bedrooms opening on to that landing.

What are ECO villas?
A few of our villas are classified as ECO villas, which means that they are particularly ecologically frienldy. That means that they do not have full electricity supply and depend partially on their own generators. In such villas you may not have air-conditioning, and sometimes you have to have drinking water bought from a shop. Also you cannot have all eletrical appliances working at the same time. ECO villas are in unspoilt countryside or by the sea. 


Can we arrive to the villa before the check-in time (usually 4pm)? 
Generally not, as our villas are usually full on the day you arrive, the previous guests leaving at 10 am. It takes until 4pm (times can vary between villas) to thoroughly clean the villa, fridges and ovens, garden and pool. In some cases we can arrange for you to leave your luggage in the villa before the check in time. There is usually a nice restaurant for lunch, or a pretty beach nearby where you can relax while you are waiting. Contact us if you need help with this.

Can we arrive to the villa after the check in time as our plane arrives late?
Yes we can arrange for the owner or manager to meet you at the villa late, or we can agree where you can pick up the keys. Get in touch with us in advance. 

Can we leave the villa after 10am on our departure?
Unfortunately you cannot usually leave your villa after the check out time, because new guest will be arriving at 4pm and the villa and the grounds must be thoroughly cleaned.   It can sometimes be arranged that you leave your luggage there for a few hours. If there are no guests arriving after you, it may be possible to stay longer in the villa. Check with the villa owner or manager if this will be possible once you have arrived. 

Can we order food to be waiting for us at the villa?
Many villas will do a food shop for you if you give us the list of items you would like but there is usually a charge for this service.


Is Croatia a safe country?
Croatia is among the safest countries tourist destinations in the world. The world Economic Forum (2108) assessment of terror risk showed Croatia having a lower terror risk than Spain, France, Italy and Turkey.  Croatia is ranked 19 out of 162 by www.safearound.com in its ranking of the safest and most dangerous cities. More than 12 million foreign tourists visit Croatia annually. Natural disasters risk is low.
For British citizens, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides information on the risks associated with foreign countries. You can check their advice on their website.

Is Croatia safe for women travellers?
Safearound.com rate Croatia as very safe for women travellers. 

Is tap water safe to drink?
Yes. Croatia has excellent drinking water, one of the cleanest in the world. Croatia has the third largest source of water in Europe per capita. The Adriatic sea is also one of the cleanest in the world.

How much can I drink and drive in Croatia?
The permitted amount of alcohol in blood when driving is 0.05% (strictly one small glass of wine), unless you are under 25 years old, in which case it is zero, so no alcohol at all.  We recommend to use Uber or Taxi, as they are really affordable and you will be the safest that way.

Other facts about safe driving
Croatian Auto Club (HAK) provides road assistance, should you need it. They have English speaking operators. The telephone number is 987

Are there any laws to do with driving that I should be aware of?
Be aware of these: 
  • Children under 12 must not sit in the front seat.
  • School buses have the right of way when leaving a stop
  • Between the end of October and the end of March dipped headlights should be used during daylight hours. Headlights should also be used at night and times when visibility is less than 100 metres.
  • Croatians drive on the right side of the road. It is the law that you must always have your driving licence and your passport with you, as well as the car documents.


Is the villa suitable for people with serious allergies?
All our villas are thoroughly cleaned, but we cannot promise that there would be no small traces of chemicals which normally appear in every household. Therefore our villas are not suitable for people with the most severe allergies.

What do I need to know if I get ill in Croatia?
If you get ill, you will get the same treatment as a Croatian citizen, and the level of medical care is high. It is advisable to inform the villa manager or owner as soon as you fall ill. Villa managers and owners will assist you with advice on where to go in case of illness. For British citizens useful information and advice about healthcare abroad can be found on the NHS Choices website.

If you’re visiting Croatia from the UK you should get a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before leaving. The EHIC isn’t a substitute for medical and travel insurance, but it entitles you to state provided medical treatment that may become necessary during your trip. The EHIC won’t cover medical repatriation, ongoing medical treatment or non-urgent treatment, so you should make sure you have adequate travel insurance and accessible funds to cover the cost of any medical treatment and repatriation before you go on holiday.

What is the emergency number to call an ambulance?
If you need emergency medical assistance while in Croatia, dial +385 112 (or 112 from a local phone) and ask for an ambulance.  Contact your insurance/medical assistance company promptly if you are referred to a medical facility for treatment.

Medical assistance
In most major tourist towns there will be a Turisticka Ambulanta which is a doctors surgery provided purely for use by foreign tourists. Foreign tourists do not have to pay for medical services if there is a signed health insurance convention between Croatia and the country of origin. Croatia has a reciprocal health agreement with the UK whereby tourists will be given emergency treatment and any other follow-up treatment, but will be expected to pay 20% of the cost of the treatment. If you have travel insurance, the 20% of the cost of the treatment may be borne by the insurance company. Please read your insurance policies carefully. Only basic health care facilities are available in outlying areas and on the islands. This could result in a delay if you require urgent medical care.


What are your booking terms and conditions ?
View our standard Booking Terms and Conditions. The Booking Terms & Conditions for each villa may vary slightly but can be viewed during the online booking process.

Can I change my booking dates?
Your contract will be for a specific period. However most owners will be prepared to accept a change in your dates provided the change is made well in advance and the villa is available and subject to any price adjustment that may be applicable.

Can I switch my booking to another villa?
Generally a switch can only be made by cancelling a booking with one villa owner (and paying the cancellation charges as set out in the Terms and Conditions) and making a new booking with another villa owner.  As the villas are in different ownerships a cost free transfer between villas is not possible. 

Do your villas have fixed dates for arrival and departure, or can we arrive any day?
A vast majority of our villas only accept Saturday arrivals and departures in peak season.  A few accept Sunday to Sunday.  Peak season, starts in June and ends at the beginning of October. Some villas will accept 10+ day booking, as long as the arrival or departure day falls on a Saturday. Most villas owners will be more flexible on minimum booking periods and start dates out of the main season. The booking calendar on each villa page shows the possible start dates and the minimum booking period. Please enquire and we will assist you. 

Can my deposit be refunded if I cannot go on holiday?
No, there is no refund of your deposit in any situation. It is best to take insurance for such a scenario AS SOON AS YOU HAVE PAID YOUR DEPOSIT..

What is your cancellation policy ?
Our cancellation policy is set out in the terms and conditions that form a part of the booking process. Notification to cancel must be made by email, letter or fax to Croatian Villa Holidays and the date of cancellation is the date at which Croatian Villa Holidays receives the notification. Croatian Villa Holidays will acknowledge receipt of your notification within 48 hours and if you do not receive this acknowledgement you should contact us in case there has been a technical problem with your chosen method of notification. The following cancellation charges apply:-
  • Up to 10 weeks prior to the date of occupancy, the amount of the initial deposit only.
  • After 10 weeks, the full rental payment.


Do you provide flights or just villas?
We only provide villa accommodation and not flights. We can however give you guidance on which airlines fly to which airports and suggest the best travel options to consider. The Travel button on each individual villa webpage links to relevant information for travel to that particular villa.

Apart from the villas what else do you provide?
We provide reliable car rentals, airport transfers, taxis, boat rentals, boat trips, special itineraries, special excursions, chefs, food shopping, yachts charter and private guided tours. 

Do you organise parties and weddings?
Yes we can organise parties, celebration events, weddings and honeymoons. For weddings we find the venue (villa or hotel), organise the food, flowers, wedding cake, photographer/video maker, music and the blessing ceremony or work with a wedding planner. 

Can you book us a boat, taxi, restaurant, special event?
Yes, we can book these for you in advance but not once you are at the villa. 

Will there be information in the villa about local amenities and things to see and do?
Not always, but most owners will be able to advise you and we can give you some suggestions and guidance before you set off. We can book up boat trips and guided tours for you in advance.   


Payment of the initial deposit can be made by debit card (MasterCard or Visa), credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or by bank transfer. Balance payments can be paid only by debit card (MasterCard or Visa) or bank transfer. Our villas are priced in euros and payment must be made in euros unless alternative arrangements have been agreed. Payment by card will be taken at the time of booking. If payment is by bank transfer we will forward you our account details after you have submitted a booking request.   

Tourist Tax
Tourist tax or sojourn tax in Croatia applies at the rate of approximately 1.2 euro per person per day. Most of our villa prices include tourist tax but in some cases it is levied as an additional charge. In these cases it will be indicated on the Price & Availability section of the website for the villa in question. In these cases the tax is usually payable on arrival. There is a 50% discount for those between the ages of 12 and 18. Children under 12 are exempt from the tax.

Damage deposit
Some villa owners require a refundable damage deposit to be paid. In these cases it will be indicated on the Price & Availability section of the website for the villa in question and the damage deposit will generally be payable on arrival to the villa owner or his agent and refunded by them on departure, subject to deductions for any damage incurred. Whether or not a damage deposit is paid, the guest remains liable for any damage caused and the owner is entitled to recover the cost of repair or replacement from the guest. Guests are advised to obtain travel insurance cover that includes accidental damage to the property.

Can you vary the indicated start date for weekly bookings and will you accept bookings for periods other than full weeks ?
Generally during the main summer season we can only take bookings for full week periods running from the normal start date for that villa as shown on the villa webpage. Out of main season there may be more scope to vary these requirements and for longer bookings it may be possible to be more flexible on start and end dates. For out of season bookings it is always worth enquiring and we will see what we can do to accommodate your requirements. Some villas and many apartments in Dubrovnik will accept short stays even in peak season.  

Local currency
The local currency is the kuna. In every kuna there are 100 lipa. Cash in kuna can be readily drawn on a debit or credit card at ATM machines throughout Croatia. There will be ATM machines at all airports and outside most banks and large supermarkets. Foreign currency can be exchanged for kunas over the counter at any bank and in many tourist information offices. Some services, such as car hire or yacht charter, may be priced in euros. If you pay by cash they will accept euros or kunas. If you pay by card, you will normally be billed in kuna at the prevailing exchange rate with the euro.  You will find the current exchange rates on the website of the Croatian National Bank.

How safe is my booking? 
What kind of financial security do I have when I book?
We do not arrange flights and are not therefore required or able to be a member of ATOL. In the UK if you pay at least part of your accommodation costs by credit card this will generally provide protection for purchases above £100 and below £30,000 under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Even if you only pay a small proportion of the price by credit card, for example paying a deposit, you are still covered – as long as the sum is between £100 and £30,000.

Do I need a visa to enter Croatia ?
Not if you are travelling from within the EU.  If you are a national from a non-EU country you should check with the Croatian consulate in your home country.  Please note that passports should be valid for 6 months or more from your return date. If you do not have a passport, it is recommended to apply at least six weeks before your holiday.
Does the price include VAT?
All our quoted prices include VAT where applicable unless stated otherwise.