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  • Coronavirus - what are the restrictions on travel to Croatia?
  • In this post we provide advice for travel to Croatia. Croatia had been on the UK Green List but from 4 October 2021 there are no Green or Amber lists. Only a Red List. Croatia is not on the Red List. This means that travellers returning from Croatia to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who have been fully vaccinated will not need to have a pre-departure test and will not have to self-isolate on return to the UK. They will however still need to pre-book a day 2 PCR test to be taken on return. It is expected that this will be amended to the cheaper Rapid Antigen test in October or November 2021. Croatia allows entry to foreign tourists with a negative test or vaccination certificate. 
Written by Nigel Nowell CroatianVillaHolidays Blogger