About Rasa Estuary

Totally unspoilt natural scenery along the shores of this wide estuary with beaches, bays and rocky inlets - great place for wild swimming

The Rasa Estuary on the east coast of the Istrian Peninsula is a deep inlet which divides into many smaller bays and sheltered coves. Geologically it is drowned river valley and with its steep sides and winding course the estuary is of great natural beauty. There is very little development along the shoreline of the estuary. The only communities on the estuary are Luka Krnica, a small village at the end of a deep inlet at the entrance to the estuary, and Trget, a hamlet on the shore deep into the estuary. There are many delightful and peaceful bays and beaches which can be reached by local farm tracks or by boat. Barban, the small town about 5km inland from the head of the estuary is a picturesque, Medieval fortified settlement rich in antique monuments and curiosities.The village of Raklj, on high ground about 1km inland from the estuary is famous for its quarries and stonemasons.