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Eat cheap in Pula, Croatia

The cost of eating out in Croatia may be less than you might think. 
Croatia has many excellent restaurants and superlative sea food. Most restaurants are reasonably priced but if you want to eat cheap but eat well, with a little inside knowledge you can find wholesome and tasty food offering spectacularly good value. Eating out cheaply in Croatia can be a great experience.

This week we have chosen to feature the Biberon Food Bar in the Konzum shopping centre on the edge of Pula, a popular holiday destination at the southern tip of Istria. If you are self-catering in a villa or apartment in the Pula area you may well head here to do some shopping. But please plan your shopping trip so you can stop for lunch at this attractive shopping mall self-service cafe.
For 27 kuna , that’s £3 or €3.60, they serve a lunch main course plus a bowl of salad from the salad bar. You can't beat it for price and the food is delicious.

The food is freshly cooked from good quality ingredients. Go early, around 12 o'clock, to get the maximum choice. But new freshly cooked dishes are served throughout the day. Lunch is served,"Cijeli dan, Svaki dan", all day every day. Soft drinks, wine and beer are available.

Don’t expect this to be a common place pizza and burger operation. Yes, you can get burgers, but the best dishes are much more typical of the best quality home cooking.
The lunch dishes include:
  • Chicken with gnocchi mushrooms and courgettes
  • Roast pork with gravy and a side dish (it can be rice, mash, spinach)
  • Chicken breast cutlets in gravy with chips or rice
  • Lasagne
  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce
  • Pork chops with vegetable rice (tomatoes, peppers)
  • Beef goulash with pasta
  • Steamed seasonal vegetables
  • Pan fried fish chicken in breadcrumbs
  • Burgers, sausages, kebabs, homemade soups

The salad bar is particularly enticing. It has a far wider range of salad items than you might expect form an English salad bar, and they are all colourful, crisp and fresh and include green salad, beetroot, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, potato, sweetcorn, eggs in mayonnaise, French salad, pasta, cauliflower, tomato and mozzarella.
Best of all they will pack your food in clear plastic containers to take away. So you can buy complete meals for the next two or three days, take them back to your villa or apartment and heat them up as required.

The surroundings are very pleasant. Spotlessly clean and a pleasant ambience; each table has a flower decoration and the seating is comfortable. For summertime there is an outdoor seating area.

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Cafe area
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Biberon Food Bar is open 9am - 7pm daily (until 3pm on Sundays). It is within the Konzum supermarket building at Sijanska cesta 1, 52100, Pula.
Written by Laida Nowell  |   Mar 08, 2018PM