About Rab town

The narrow alleyways of this ancient town overflow with restaurants, bars and boutiques . Promenades and parks. Buzzing in the evenings.

Rab town provides a striking sight with its medieval town walls rising sheer from the water. Much of the historic old town was built during the Venetian rule in the period from 1409. Komrcar Park, planted in the late 19th century, contains many Mediterranean flora. Kamenjak Hill, at 400 metres, is an energetic walk and provides a stunning view across the surrounding islands. The narrow streets of Rab are alive with cafes, boutiques, bars and restaurants. The town is buzzing in the evenings.  The old town is surrounded on three sides by water with the busy harbour on one side a constant source of activity while to the south side of the town the long promenade brings beaches and waterside restaurants and beach bars within easy reach.