About Lastovo

  • 800 people, 6 villages, 46 churches 
  • Remote and undiscovered  
  • Sheltered bay at Pasadur 
  • Paradise for yachtsmen 
  • Lastovo town's unusual chimneys 
  • Must see: the view from Fort Kascel

Fabulously preserved island southwest of Split, with gorgeous beaches and hilltop towns dreamily overlooking the Adriatic in the sun

Lastovo is the largest island of a group of 46 islands lying the furthest offshore of all the southern Dalmatian islands. Due to its relative remoteness Lastovo is the least developed of the larger Croatian islands in terms of tourism and travellers prepared to go the extra mile will be rewarded with an unspoilt and undiscovered island with a rugged coastline and a fascinating history. The principal town of the island, also called Lastovo, unusually is not on the coast but inland on the side of a hillside that overlooks a broad fertile valley in the centre of the island. In its early history Lastovo town was located on the coast but in 998 AD the Venetians in a purge of pirates operating from the island, destroyed the town.  The islanders rebuilt their town inland and away from the threat of naval attack. 

Destinations in Lastovo