Villas in Labin

Villas in Labin

In Labin and the surrounding area we have villas in peaceful rural settings within easy reach of the coast. One of the them is a dramatic lighthouse on a remote bach.

Labin is a well preserved medieval hilltop town with winding alleyways and a new vista at every turn. Museums, galleries and cafes galore, excellent restaurants. Atmospheric and enchanting.

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A well preserved medieval hilltop town; winding alleyways with a new vista at every turn, museums, galleries and cafes galore.
Labin is a medieval hilltop town three kilometres from the coast and the resort town of Rabac. The old town, one of the best preserved medieval hilltop towns in Istria, is delightful to walk around. The town was a centre for mining and the City Museum has a 150 metre tunnel that you enter to re-live the town's mining history. Lonely Planet ranked the museum in their top ten most original museums in Croatia. The town also houses the memorial collection of Matthias Flacius Illyricus, the Reformation theologian and collaborator of Martin Luther, who was born in Labin. Labin is a centre for the arts and the work of local painters is on display in galleries. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants in the towns alleyways and squares for refreshment.

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