Villas in Splitska

Villas in Splitska

Splitska excells in family villas, quiet beaches and restaurants, lazy and sunny Meditarranean living

One of the prettiest villages on Brac island, a palm tree lined harbour with local fishing boats and cafes to relax in.

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One of the prettiest villages on Brac island ; a palm tree lined harbour with local fishing boats and cafes to relax in.
Small stone village with a sculpture of Hercules! Between Postira and Supetar, on the north shore of Brac lies the Splitska cove. In the nearby quarry, Rasohe, still stands a chiselled figure of Heracles - work of one of the Diocletian’s sculptors. The Romans used the white Brac stone to build the world famous Diocletian's palace in Split. Just 400 people live in Splitska, traditionally fishing, quarrying stone and making delicious wines and olive oils. The village is beautiful, peaceful and has plenty of very attractive beaches often with pine woods down to the shore providing delightful shade.
Splitska itself is reached by winding down a pretty road from the main road above and feels a bit like a fairy tale village by the sea! Two very close and interesting places to visit are Skrip and Dol. Skrip is just under 10 minutes drive away on the hill above Splitska. Skrip is the oldest settlement on the island. It has a museum and the remnants of a castle and ancient city walls. Its well worth a visit to get a feel of the island's Illyrian and Roman past. Dol is a tiny village in an inland valley and renouned for its simple but charming restaurants serving food which has been sourced from local farms.

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