Villas in Lozisca

Villas in Lozisca

A quaint hillside village of stone houses with slate roofs, steep cobbled streets and distant sea views and pools! Great base for exploring.

Villas here, even if newly built, are generally in the traditonal style of the old stone houses that cling to the hillside of this authentic island village.

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A quaint village of stone houses with slate roofs, steep cobbled streets and distant sea views
Driving on the road from Milna to Sutivan on the island of Brac, you will come to a point where you will spot a tall and magnificently carved church tower, created in 1889. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful church towers in the whole of Croatia. This is in the small village if Lozisca, "The Vineyard Place", where stone houses with slate roofs line little steep cobbled streets and look at the sea which is about a mile away. The church is dedicated to St Blaise, the patron saint of Dalmatia and contains a historically important organ.This is a very rural settlement, all made of stone, on top of a steep hill. Facades look southwards towards the sun, and indoors, there is still in use the central feature of a Brac house, an open fireplace. Stone tables along the walls are still used to dry figs, almonds and other agricultural produce.
Water was collected from roofs, into stone wells. Many houses still retain these features, and incorporate modern luxuries as well. Some houses are very grand, some are smaller cottages and there are some restored and enlarged properties, available for rentals. The nearest beach is in the pretty village Bobovisca by the Sea, a really stunning spot, well worth visiting for beaches, restaurants, cafes and shops. Lozisca are definitely an "away from it all" place, with many very authentic and quirky features and stunning views. In the valley it is interesting to see the old stone pools made for the gathering of rain water which were used for cattle and field watering. A car is essential to get to many lovely beaches and other sights which are within easy reach.

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