About Lika-Karlovac

  • Visit Grabovača Cave Park
  • Fishing in the Gacka valley
  • See Kuterovo bear sanctuary
  • Enjoy the fresh air in the Gorski Kotar mountains
  • 57km hiking trail in the Northern Velebit National Park
  • Must see: Cascading lakes at Plitvice National park

Inland region encompassing wild and rugged landscapes as well as modern industrial towns and pretty rural villages

Very special, natural and wild, sparsely populated land of forests, lakes, sparkling rivers, wolves and bears, 139 bird species, majestic in its own right and a short drive to the seaLika is the region between the Croatian capital Zagreb and the coastline. It is the least populated, but the largest by land area and includes the national jewels Plitvice Lakes National Park (UNESCO site) and North Velebit National Park, some of Croatia's major tourist attractions. This rural, wooded area of sheep and cow farms, rivers brimming with fish, wild flower meadows and shimmering lakes has plenty to occupy you for a few days, and it is only a short drive from the sea (10 km).

Destinations in Lika-Karlovac