Villas in Zagreb and Zagorje

Villas in Zagreb and Zagorje

The historical and cultural heart of Croatia, cafe society, entertainment mecca, foodie paradise, surrouned by picturesque villages. 

Destinations in Zagreb and Zagorje

Zagreb and Zagorje travel guide

  • Croatia's capital: population 0.8 million 
  • Drink coffee in the Flower Market square 
  • Visit the museum of broken relationships  
  • Wake board or walk at Jarun lake  
  • Ski or hike on Sljeme mountain 
  • Must visit: Zagreb's historic Upper Town  
The historical and cultural heart of Croatia; mountains, villages and baroque towns
The capital of the Republic of Croatia,. The largest city and the cultural, economic, centre of the country. It is located on the slopes of Medvednica Mountain on the banks of the Sava River. Zagreb is well worth visiting, with its numerous historical monuments and medieval architecture.

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