Villas in Kolocep island

Villas in Kolocep island

Family villas, cottages and apartments concentrate around the harbour on Kolocep, a car free island just a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik.

Kolocep is a beautiful small island off the coast of Dubrovnik. This is where the Dubrovnik locals escape from the summer heat and the hustle of the Old Town. Car-free, low key and very charming, good for those whoe value peace, sunshine amd authenticity.

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Relaxing car free island just a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik; beach front villas and village cottages.
Kolocep island, one of the Elaphiti group of islands is 25 minute ferry journey from the port of Gruz in Dubrovnik. It is small island, just 2.5 square kilometres in area and there are two settlements on the island Gornje and Donje Celo and each has a small beach. Dornje Celo is the larger community and has a couple of cafe restaurants and a shop. No cars are allowed on the island but a network of paths crosses the island. The meandering walled pathway that links the two villages is bordered by remains of ancient buildings as in the 15th century Dubrovnik noble families built fortified summer palaces, churches and chapels on the island. Most of these fine buildings are now in ruins but in Donje Čelo the 13th century parish church, The Assumption of Mary survives as does the 11th/12th century pre-Romanesque church of St. Anthony of Padova in Gornje Čelo, On the path between the two villages is the 15th century Church of St. Anthony where you will find an altar-piece, painted by an eminent Dubrovnik artist Ivan Ugrinović.

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