Villas in Konavle and Molunat

Villas in Konavle and Molunat

East of Dubrovnik in Konavle region villas are luxurious, traditional, in small coastal towns or in lush countryside. Close to Dubrovnik.

Konavle offers so much! Fantastic villas of all shapes and sizes, beautiful old towns and villages which will captivate you. Go for the delicious Mediterranean food, excellent wines, lovley beaches, wild swimming and the sophisticated city of Dubrovnik.

Konavle and Molunat travel guide

A rural area of mountains, fertile valleys and rugged coastline between Dubrovnik and the Montenegro border.
Konavle is the southernmost part of Croatia and has a varied landscape with mountains, fertile valleys and a delightful coastline. Much of the landscape is wooded with many pines and cypresses among oaks and hornbeams. In the very south, bordering Montenegro, the peninsula of Molunat has an undulating landscape and culminates in a beautiful bay at the southernmost tip. The area has its own vibrant traditions and folklore with the distinctive traditional costumes.

Places to visit in the region:

The Franciscan Monastery in Pridvorje from the 15th century built in the style of the early Dubrovnik renaissance.

Sokol Grad, the largest fort in Konavle from the time of the Dubrovnik Republic and dramatically positioned on a rock outcrop.

Watermills at the River Ljuta. A system of eight watermills which were an important element in the local economy under the Dubrovnik Republic. Restaurant Konavoski Dvori adjoins the water mills.

Konavle Local History Museum in Cilipi. A display of folk costumes and local artefacts of everyday life displayed in a typical house of the region..


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