About Brsecine

A hillside village with stunning sea views and delightful beach in a sheltered bay on the coastline below; a short drive from Dubrovnik

About 20km north-west from Dubrovnik, on the main road to Split, there is a small hillside village of Brsecine, with about 90 inhabitants still living like their ancestors, enjoying the fresh sea air and fishing for a living, planting vineyards with Plavac, their indigenous dark grape, and farming, and more recently, tourism. If you take the steep village road down to the sea, within 1km you will reach a beautiful bay withan old stone villa, dating from the 16th century. This was once a castle and a summer home of a famous Croatian lady poet Cvieta Zuzoric, who alternated her living between Dubrovnik, Brsecine and Venice. She knew to pick a romantic seaside spot for her summer castle!