About Pula

In the footsteps of the Romans; Bustling port and historic centre with a 2nd century AD amphitheatre, colourful market, bars and restaurants.

Pula is the main regional town in Istria, with an attractive shopping area, spectacular harbour, lively night live, amazing history, many restaurants and cafes and wonderful beaches. Walk through Pula and experience old town streets and squares some of which were there even in Roman times. The stunning Roman amphitheatre is from the first century AD and ranks as the sixth largest in the world. The amphitheatre or "Arena" is still used for concerts (classical and pop), for gladiatorial re-enactments and for showing Pula's annual film festival. Watching one of these events under the night sky and from the same stone seats that were being used 2000 years ago is a unique experience. The amphitheatre is open to the public daily (pulainfo.hr). Other Roman monuments in Pula include a Triumphal Arch at the entrance to the main shopping street.