Villas in Kornati islands

Villas in Kornati islands

Kornati islands have very few villas, catering for "Robinson" tourism. To explore Kornati, stay in our villas in Zadar and Rogoznica.

Kornati Archipelago is a wild, unique set of magical, totally unspoilt islands, with the bluest sea in the world, according to NASA. Go there in a yacht or book a memorahble day trip for the unforgettable island experience.

Currently, we do not have any accommodation in Kornati islands

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A national park with numerous tiny, mainly uninhabited, islands. A yachtsman's paradise and a wonderful day out on a boat trip.
The Kornati islands are a fascinating group of 140 small islands. Astronauts have said that from space the sea around these islands is the clearest blue in the world. Nowhere in the world are these so many islands in such a small area. The only habitation is by fisherman and sheep farmers who spend the summer on the islands. There are no roads, cars or electricity in the Kornati and the national park is an ecological paradise. The islands are famous for their sage honey and for lamb grazed on the herb covered pastures. The rich underwater world abounds with coral, algae and sponges as well as underwater remains from the Roman era. It is no surprise that the Kornati islands attract divers.
On the Kornati you can eat well in one of the 20 excellent restaurants - the freshly caught fish and herb fed lamb are on the menu. To mention just a couple, Konoba Idro (Lavsa Bay) and Restoran Piccolo in Smokvica Bay. Sailing between the numerous islands and narrow channels Kornati remind you of a sort of nautical slalom. After the largest island Kornat, the second island is Piskera with developed fishing and a good marina. The wildest part is Purara island which has a 500 metre exclusion zone to allow undisrupted development of nature. You are very likely to see dolphins jumping up from the sea and following you.

Kornati excursions. The Kornati are a favourite destination for yachtsmen who can fully enjoy the tranquillity of many bays and coves between the islands. However there are many boat trips and excursions that can be made to the islands from Zadar and from neighbouring larger islands. There are twenty restaurants dotted around the islands in sheltered bays where you can relax and swim before enjoying fresh fish and organic produce beautifully cooked before your eyes.

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