About Murter island and Tisno

Linked to the mainland by bridge, Murter is family friendly and a great location from which to make a boat trip to the Kornati Islands

Island Murter is situated to the north-west of the mainland town of Šibenik and it is connected with the mainland with a very short bridge.The island is full of natural harbours and inlets along the coast and has numerous sandy and pebbly beaches. It has warm Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers. Four charming small fishing towns on Murter island are Tisno (actually on the mainland but vby the bridge), Murter town, Betina and Jezero. Here you can find cafes, restaurants, shops, and enjoy all kinds of sea sports, including scuba diving. You can easily visit mainland towns of Sibenik and Zadar with their wonderful architecture and food. For cultural experience, visit the Romanesque church of St. Martin, which dates back to the end of the 11th century. In the same locality are remains of Roman villas, medieval tombs and a basilica, as this island was inhabited by ancient Romans, and was settled even before them. The most important architectural feature is the bell tower of the Baroque church of St. Francis of Assisi which dates back to 1602 and is built on a hill above the town of Betina.The island is very famous for fishing and boat making. It is also famous for sandy and pebbly beaches, of which the main beach is the sandy beach Slanica on the south of the island but the island abounds with many beaches and pine woods coming right down to the sea.