Villas on Vis island

Villas on Vis island

There is a limited supply of villas on this gorgeous undiscovered island of authentic fishing villages and incredible beaches. 

We are always searching to increase the range of villas we can offer on Vis island. It is a perfect choise if you don’t mind spending a bit more time to travel to a destination that is relatively uncrowded and undiscovered and where you can find amazing beaches and quiet coves, great restaurants and plenty to see such as the unworldly iridescent water of the Blue Cave on Biesvo or the expansive views from the 587 metre high mount Hum.  
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Vis island travel guide

  • Undiscovered and simply gorgeous
  • 2 hours 20 minutes by ferry from Split
  • Historic fishing village of Komiza
  • Boat trip to Bisevo Blue Cave
  • Classy resturants in Vis town
  • Must see: tiny but perfect Stiniva cove
Gorgeous undiscovered island; authentic fishing villages, historic Vis town, incredible beaches and wonderful villas
Quite remote, incredibly beautiful, foodie paradise, authentic houses, Blue and Green caves, best beach in Europe (by Conde Nast), RAF and Mamma Mia! filming. Vis is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and the furthest of Croatia’s inhabited islands from the mainland, half way to Italy. It is also the oldest human settlement in Croatia founded by the Greeks in the 4th century BC who brought the distinctive grape that is still cultivated to make the local vugava white wine. The Romans left the thermal baths and a theatre in Vis Town. In the medieval fortress the Archaeological Museum has a bronze head of the goddess Artemis dating from the fourth century BC and Greek and Roman pottery recovered from the depths of the sea.
A seafront fortress still stands proudly from the years of the British rule during Napoleonic wars.Vis island has less than 4000 inhabitants who make their living from fishing, wine making, tourism and now – from the movies! In 2017, the sequel to the famous ‘Mamma Mia’ film was shot on the island.There are two towns on the island, Vis Town on the north east coast and Komiza on the south west coast. A stunning valley runs between with an abundance of wild flowers, olive trees and even the runway built by the RAF which is now a wine bar. In Vis town you will find a beautiful natural harbour with old Renaissance palaces built by poets and rich merchants, as well as charming fishermen's cottages. There are some outstanding restaurants in the spot called Kut. Local bars and eateries serve excellent seafood and you can eat a good pizza in an old ruined palace! A good summer festival with many outdoor performances takes place in June and July. Komiza on the western end of the island, is predominately a fishing village with excellent fresh seafood restaurants. Cafes and bars line the promenade. It is settled at the foot of the 600 meter high Mt. Hum which offers a great view over the Adriatic sea, all the way to Velebit, Pelješac, Lastovo, Jabuka and the Kornati.

Komiža is filled with narrow charming streets, astonishing stone houses and surrounded by numerous beaches around its harbour. Vis has some of the best beaches in Croatia. The southern coast is dotted with beautiful bays and secluded coves. Most of the beaches are pebble beaches but there are a few sand beaches on the island. Stoncica, Stiniva and Srebena are favourites. Granvalac which is in walking distance from Kut, is another. Milna has a sandy beach with strikingly blue water and several small islands forming an idyllic backdrop. The neighbouring Zaglav beach, reached on foot, is even prettier and quieter. Tiny Stiniva is Vis’s most perfect cove. The high cliffs surrounding it form an almost complete circle, with only a gap of about 10m open to the sea. The beach is lined with large smooth pebbles, which blaze white against the blue waters. Located on the island of Biševo, off Vis's southwestern tip, the Blue Cave on the shoreline is one of the region's most famous natural sights. The sun’s rays pass through an underwater opening, bathing the interior in an unearthly blue light. To get here, the easiest, quickest and best option is to take a tour from Komiža.

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