Villas in Velebit National Park

Villas in Velebit National Park

Wild and rugged mountain range rising steeply from the coastline; trekking climbing and unspoilt nature

There are no villas within the national park boundary. Check villas within Kvarner region and Zadar region.

Currently, we do not have any accommodation in Velebit National Park

Velebit National Park travel guide

Wild and rugged mountain range rising steeply from the coastline; trekking climbing and unspoilt nature
Hiking, biking, beautiful nature trails are just some of the activities available in this stunning National Park.Part of Velebit is Paklenica National Park, a UNESCO designated World Biosphere Reserve, which is located between the highest point of Velebit Mountain (1758m) and the sea. Two fantastic canyons in the Park are Velika and Mala Paklenica canyons and are world famous for mountain climbing. This national park has pine forests, interesting caves, and offers an experience of being in wild and primaeval landscapes. Cliffs soar straight from the sea to heights of 400m. This is a fantastic place for walking and climbing.
A wide range of sporting and leisure activities include free-climbing, trekking, picnicking at Lugarnica Forest Hut and the Mill. Jeep safari into the Velebit National Park can be arranged. You can visit Velebit Botanical Gardens, which are situated below the Zavizhan cliff on the mountain of Velebit. The gardens are 1480m above the sea level and comprise of 30 hectares of meadows, forests and rocks. Some very rare alpine plants grow there and two of those are only found on Velebit - (Velebit degenie, a little yellow rock plant, and Croatian sibirea).There are 70 caves in the park, Manita Cave being the most beautiful. It is open to visit in the company of a guide and contains stalactites and stalagmites 80,000 years old.

On the mainland to the north of Zadar, the deep inlet of Zavratnica Bay is a major tourist attractions. It is a fjord like bay 1km long and 100 metres wide, which was created when the surface of the sea rose, and a mountain stream became flooded.

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