About Southern Dalmatia

  • Walk the walls around Dubrovnik old town
  • Tresteno Gardens - High Garden from Game of Thrones
  • Explore the rivers of the Neretva delta
  • Eat and drink on Cavtat's lively harbour front
  • Ferry trip to Lokrum island, a place for relaxation
  • Must do: a boat tour to the Elaphite islands

Fabulous coastline with views to the islands, pretty villages around sheltered bays and Dubrovnik the focal point for history and culture

Beautiful, unique, majestic, grand and wild, the most famous and most expensive, rocking nightclubs, wild and remote scenery, it has it all. When we think of South Dalmatia, we mean Dubrovnik and its surroundings. Dubrovnik is the most famous Croatian town, and one of the most beautiful and exceptional towns in the world. Like many coastal settlements in Croatia, Dubrovnik goes back to the times of ancient Greece, where a group of Greek settlers lived there about 400 years BC. However, it owes its fame and fortune to the skill, diplomacy and hard work of the people who lived there in the middle ages and renaissance, who were great sea merchants, entrepreneurs and above all, good governors. During these turbulent centuries the Dubrovnik elite determined to secure freedom and independence of its people, built huge defensive city walls and defended the city at all costs. It is the first place in the world where the authorities established quarantene for travellers returning from plague infested places. To this present day Dubrovnik is a symbol of liberty for all Croatian people, and has always remained free. 

Destinations in Southern Dalmatia